Main Menu

BURGERS – Served in a Sourdough bun, with fries, little gem lettuce, beef tomato & garlic mayo

Domali classic Burger

A top quality beef patty made with grass fed Scottish beef served with homemade red pepper and tomato relish & mayonnaise, available medium rare, or well done, no rare burgers- sorry folks £12.50

Vegan burger

Portobello mushroom, rocket, tomato, gherkin, Sriracha Veganaise & red onion 10.50

Halloumi burger

Chargrilled Halloumi, chilli jam, tomato, rocket, red onion £11.50

Burger extras all 1.00 – streaky bacon, avocado, vegan cheese, applewood cheddar


Homemade Harissa Houmous with slowrise sourdough toast (vegan) £5.20

Soup of the day with slowrise sourdough toast (V on request) £5.30

Mushroom pate with chargrilled slowrise sourdough bread (vegan) £5.50

Smoked Mackerel pate with chargrilled slowrise sourdough £5.90

Nachos – tortilla chips with tomato, red onion & coriander salsa, jalapeno chilli, & melted cheddar & crème fraiche £7.25

Caponata- a Sicilian salad of aubergine, peppers, olives, celery and pine nuts  £6.90


Chargrilled halloumi, artichoke, avocado, dressed mixed leaves , tomato and lime & caper dressing £10.00

Warm Goats cheese salad Roasted red peppers, walnuts, grilled Goat’s cheese on toast & dressed mixed leaves £8.20


BCM- Beans cheese and Marmite on sourdough toast £4.30

Welsh Rarebit on slowrise sourdough with grilled tomatoes & dressed mixed leaves £7.50

Omelette – Cheese & Mushroom with fries & dressed mixed leaves £8.50

Big plates

Laksa – Seabass and King Prawns served in a spicy green curry coconut broth with spinach, broccoli, baby corn & rice noodles £13.50

Crab Mac ‘n’ Cheese with dressed mixed leaves £12.50

Asapao- A Puerto Rican casserole of Bream & Prawns with flavours of Tomato ,Bay & corriander served with rice 13.50

Burrito bowl, veg chilli, brown rice, tomato & red onion salsa, creme fraiche, cheddar, corn on the cob  £10.90

Fishcakes – mixed white fish and herb  Fishcake with French fries, dressed mixed leaves & tartare sauce £11.50

BUDDAH Bowl- Spiced Tofu, kimchee, brown rice, Carrot & Kale salad, dried seaweed & black sesame seeds (vegan) £10.50

Side orders

Hand cut thick chips £3.75
Spinach £3.20
Side salad £3.70
Avocado smash £3.20
Halloumi £3.50
Olives £2.25

There is an optional 10% service charge added to all bills

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