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Welsh rarebit or ‘welsh’ as we call it at the café is one of our all time best selling dishes. It has been on the menu since ‘96 and it’s still going strong. I reworked an original Mrs Beeton recipe from ‘All about cookery’ published in 1913. It’s an interesting read- although not a great tome for the veggies among us- it contains recipe’s for Calf’s foot broth and Brain sauce! It seems Mrs Beeton was a very interesting woman, she was one of 21 children so she may have developed an interest in household management out of sheer necessity!

She is buried in West Norwood Cemetary so I guess she was a local too. Any way – here is the recipe- have a go.

Welsh rarebit recipe:
For 2 people
160 grammes of good quality mature grated cheddar
1 meduim size free range or organic egg
1 dessertspoon of mustard ( we use Dijon at domali)
50 ml of beer /lager- we use Peroni ( it’s only a splash you will have to drink the rest)
25ml double cream
1 teaspoon ground black pepper
2 1 inch thick slices of toast ( we use farmhouse bread at Domali- however you can use whatever you like- experiment!)

HOT TIP- place foil on your grillpan before making this dish- the mixture gets very bubbly and hot!
Whip up the egg
Add the grated cheddar
Add the cream and beer and mustard until it all forms into a gooey paste.
Spread the mixture on to the slices of toast
Place the toast with the mixture on top under a hot grill
Wait a couple of minutes- take the grill pan out from under your grill and turn the mixture over on top of the toast- this is to ensure it cooks properly all the way through- be careful to keep as much mixture on the toast as possible-this can get messy
Return to under the grill for another couple of minutes
The welsh is ready when it is golden and bubbly on top
Remove and eat immediately! Washed down with the leftover Beer if you like
This dish goes well with a crisp green salad- at Domali we serve it with Grilled tomatoes

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