Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Coffee & Teas

Our coffee comes from Volcano Coffee Works;  a leading small batch, specialty coffee roastery based in Brixton.

Large espresso £2.25

Machiato £2

Flat white £2.10

Café latte £2.60

Cappuccino £2.60

Americano £2.25

Café Mocha £2.90

Hot chocolate £2.90

Iced coffee £3.10

Mug of Yorkshire tea £2.

Mug of Decaff Tea £2.00

Mug of Earl Grey tea £2.00

Rooibos £2.00

Pukka detox tea-aniseed, fennel, cardamom £2.00

Pukka revitalizing tea – cinnamon, cardamom, ginger £2.00

Pukka refresh tea – Coriander. Fennel. Hibiscus. Liquorice. Peppermint £2.00

Pukka relax tea – chamomile, fennel, marshmallow £2.00

Green tea £2.00

Fresh mint tea £2.30

Shot of coffee £0.50

Soya /almond milk supplement £0.50

Cold drinks

50cl Bottle Still Mineral water £2.60

50cl bottle sparkling mineral water £2.60

Fresh lime & sparkling mineral water £2.50

Ginger Beer £2.00

Coke £2.00

Diet coke £2.00

John lemon soda

100% natural,  small batch fizzy drinks with a higher fruit & lower sugar content than regular fizzy drinks.

Matchabata- sugar free matcha tea lemonade £3.50

John Lemon Rhubarb £3.35

John Lemon plum £3.35

John Lemon lime £3.35

John lemon Pear £3.35

Smoothies and Moju cold pressed juices

Homemade Deflame smoothie

avocado, spinach, agave, Fresh lime, almond milk & tumeric £4.35

Orange not orange cold pressed juice

Carrot, apple, red pepper, lemon , ginger & turmeric £3.90

Purple cold pressed juice

Beetroot, apple, carrot, cucumber & lemon £3.90

Green cold pressed juice

Kale, spinach, apple, cucumber, celery, lemon & ginger £3.90


Carrot cake £4.20

Vegan Chocolate cake £4.20

Banoffee pie £4.20

An optional 10% service charge is added to all bills

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